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The Mortality Mindset is about helping you to live a life of radical resilience - at home, at work and in every aspect of your life. Your host is Patrick Mathieu - speaker, author and coach. As heard on Oprah & Friends.
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Mar 31, 2015

Do you ever find yourself being stuck waiting for everything to be "perfect" before you get started? 


When it comes to the idea of Choosing the Life You Want, do you get paralyzed with fear and self-judgement?


In this episode, I talk about how Jad Abumrad, from the fantastic NPR podcast Radiolab, nearly stopped me from launching this podcast. 


I explain how I moved beyond that and I provide a barebones recipe for success in life. (Hint: It's all about action!)



Mar 24, 2015

I don't want you to be one of those people floating through life on autopilot or stuck in a rut.  I want you to choose your own path and live it!


  • Your relationships.
  • Your career
  • Your health
  • Your finances

If you find that you're not excited about these areas of your life and aren't living them with a sense of purpose - then you may be living by default.  You deserve to set your own course - after all... it's YOUR life!


This episode provides you with a simple exercise to reveal who is in charge of your life and what you can do about it.


Mar 17, 2015

In this episode, I take a deeper look into The Mortality Manifesto Pledge.


I developed this daily tool to help people tap into a new mindset about their lives - a mindset that enables them to destroy the bulls**t that keeps us from choosing and living the lives we want.


The Mortality Manifesto appeared in my first book: What's Your Expiry Date? Embrace Your Mortality - Live With Vitality.


I invite you to visit and take the pledge!


Mar 11, 2015

At the age of 18 I was told by medical experts that I was past middle age.  They said they "hoped" I'd live to be 30 years old.  I felt as though I'd just been given a death-sentence.

It took me six years to come to terms with that news. Eventually, I realized this was the best news anyone ever could have given me!  Rather than seeing it as a death-sentence, I saw it as a wakeup call!

This perspective has formed the basis for my work as a speaker, author and coach. It's what drives me to help people choose and live the lives they want.

In this episode, I introduce the Mortality Manifesto - a tool I developed to help people tap into a new awareness to help destroy the bulls**t that keeps us from living our lives on purpose. Get your free copy at: